Sunday, January 15, 2017

Six Mountain Men and their Dog

There is something very "old west" about this photo - six men and two mules posing, probably at the start of a journey for at least a couple of them, the guy on the far left and the man at the right holding the mules lead would be my guess.

At first glance when I found this, I thought it might be some outlaw gang...but what self-respecting outlaw would ride around on a mule? Maybe they are trappers, or prospectors, but the lack of tools makes me scratch my head. I'm open to suggestions, though. The pine tree in the background and seeming hillside drop-off at the far right make this appear to be a cabin of some sort, one that seems well-stocked with wood for a long winter.

Below, I've cropped and enhanced each of the men, on the off-chance that someone might recognize one of them, or note some detail that I've missed. The guy on the left is one who it seems to me is leaving, because of both his jacket and the rifle at his feet (anyone recognize that rifle?), one of only two weapons or tools visible. The guy on the right reminds me a little of Mr. Edwards from the old Little House on the Prairie TV series.

The guy on the left is the one that intrigues me the most. Maybe it has something to do with his hat and pipe...he looks almost "outlawish". I'm not sure of the significance of the rope he's holdng. Behind him, a blanket covers most of the mule's load, but a small hand-axe can be seen.

The man on the right has an almost scholarly look about him, making him appear maybe a bit out-of-place.

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