Monday, February 20, 2017

MotorMonday: The "Hot" Date

Imagine, if you will, the conversation between this man and this woman just now. It was supposed to be a romantic afternoon for this gal, riding in the country in her Beau's Ford Model T Roadster. He got all dressed up, bow tie and boots...then things got hot...for the automobile, at least. Yes, that's steam spewing forth from the radiator cap. And there they sit, she going on and on and on and he, just sitting there trying to make sense of how an afternoon which seemed so right went so wrong so fast. Ah, the joys of early water-cooled cars!

(Ok, nice story...but if it was a romantic date, who took the photo?)

From what I can tell, this appears to be a 1927 or '27 Model T.

Contrast enhanced to show that it is steam, not just a gap
in the branches.

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