Saturday, August 5, 2017

Teddy and Family

I found this photo buried in a stack at an antique store a while back...price: $1. The obvious resemblence to Teddy Roosevelt jumped out at me. As the lady working the cash register rang up my photo purchases, she saw the resemblence, too, and her eyebrows went up, then went up further when she realized I was getting the photo for a buck, and there wasn't anything she could do about it at that point!

So, is it Teddy Roosevelt? I think so, but can't be positive. It looks to me that they were on a family outing that day, enjoying what appears to be some nice spring-time weather Several of the women in photo look like women in Teddy's life, as well.

So what's your take? Teddy, or just a guy that looks like him?

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