Friday, October 14, 2016

Family Photo Friday

Many Friday's we'll be celebrating #FamilyPhotoFriday here at Lost America Found.

When photography was new and only a few had cameras, it was natural for the few to try to make a living with them. Some went about town, taking photos and selling prints of ordinary families standing in front of their homes, and they remain very important glimpses into the ethereal moments of ordinary America on an ordinary day. Sadly, all too often the names of the families have been lost to time, robbing people today of a connection to their past.

I'd guess this was shot sometime in the 1890s or 1910s, but clothes are a difficult thing on which to judge.

Notice that there's a child's hand sneaking in from the right...was one member of this family left out when the photographer shot his image?

Below, I've included bigger crops of the faces, on the off-chance that some genealogy researcher happens to actually recognize these people.

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