Thursday, October 13, 2016

Grammar School

For the second #TBT in each month, we feature a school or class photo. Do you have any relatives here?

There are a lot of old school photos floating around, having survived, but this one almost didn't, and it struck me as a bit unusual. First, there's the architecture. Second, the list of names on the back. I have no information about where this was, or when it was taken, but there are some clues if someone wants to pursue it.

From the clothing styles, I'd guess 1920s to early 1930s. I've blown up the faces and split the class into two halves so that you can see them better, and maybe recognize someone.

There's a fairly extensive list of names on the back, and I've enhanced to photo below in order to see the penciled writing clearer. I searched for some of the more unusual names at, in hopes of seeing some location correlation, but I couldn't distinguish any (there were hits with some of the names, including Erwin C. Bathke, born in 1895, a date that might fit). Given the time period, it's likely that many of the young men saw service during World War II and died overseas.

For the purposes of genealogy researchers using Google searches, here's the list of names as best as I can make them out:

Left column:

  • Frederick Schwarz
  • Anna Marie Adkison
  • Thelma Rensli
  • Dora Whittlesey
  • Ruth Rawlands
  • Ansel Campbell
  • Gertrude Carico
  • Melvin Niel (or Neel)
  • Effie Jane Cowles
  • Margaret N....a
  • Ternici (?) Neagles
  • Sam Chenalt
  • Carter Miller
  • Lucile Denny
  • Beatrice Chase
  • Ailene Horst
  • Virginia White
  • Brown (?) Thompson
Right column:
  • Abe Polesky
  • Gladys Davis
  • Roger Enders
  • Gil Brown
  • Kenneth Mulligan
  • Maxine Stout
  • Coleman Stoat
  • Lula Hammond
  • Velma Bainum
  • Orlando Wilson
  • Edward DuMond
  • Anna Graham
  • Helen Kline
  • Erwin C. Bathke
  • Umau Kline
  • Arlene Benning, Log Cabin Tr.
  • Elsie Brown

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