Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tidelands Panarama

This, to me, is a fascinating photograph. I found this 180 degree panaramic print in two pieces (and found the pieces 3 years apart) in the same antique mall in Long Beach, California. This store has a lot of photographs of early Long Beach and the surrounding vicinity, which (along with the San Pedro Harbor) looks nothing today like it did years ago. Massive amounts of land reclamation now accommodate ports that load a gazillion containers from massive ships every day. I don't know for sure that this is a local (to Long Beach) scene, but I suspect it is.

Below, I've digitally cut the pan up into three pieces so you can get a better view:

And I've also digitally zoomed into some key parts:

A coach and two baggage cars suggests a local run that handled mostly mail. Maybe Southern Pacific?

Long Beach had (and still has) a lot of oil and natural gas wells, and the large tank in the background might be part
of that.

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